The Dolphin Trainer Who Loved Dolphins Too Much

This is a wonderful in-depth story. When I was little I dreamed of being a dolphin trainer…I lived just minutes away from Sea World my entire life and I imagined it the best place ever to work…back then…until I knew more…knew it wasn’t the best place at all for the animals that lived there…and My heart was broken. More need to know what truly goes on…and this is an incredible story. A must read if you love animals…or think marine parks are anything but a business…with a bottom line above all else.


Tim Zimmermann | Longreads | April 2015 | 25 minutes (6,193 words)

Panama City Beach, Florida is set on the alluring waters of the Gulf Of Mexico, in northwestern Florida. It’s a town of cookie-cutter condos and sprawling outlet malls, built almost entirely on the idea that blazing sun, a cool sea, white sand beaches, and copious amounts of booze are an irresistible formula for human happiness (or at least a pretty damn good time). Everything about the place—from the ubiquitous fast food, to the endless chain stores, to the Brobdingnagian miniature golf courses—is designed to anticipate and then slake the vast and relentless array of human desires.

Prime among the entertainment offerings is Gulf World Marine Park. It sits on Front Beach Road, the main drag that parallels the seafront, and promises sun-addled or bored families a respite from the nearby beach. By day you can swim with dolphins…

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