Umbrella Optional

From under my umbrella

So one of the first things I had to adjust to in Seattle is the not-so-constant, but, VERY frequent rain in my day. Contrary to rumor, it does NOT rain here all the time. But! It does rain…a lot. I will say again…in caps…A LOT. Not often heavy…mostly it’s usually esp in the Spring and (gasp) even Summer…it’s misty mostly…but the crazy thing is that it can happen anytime.

Since I moved here I’ve seen more rain than I thought could happen anywhere. It’s easy to complain at first…to think oh man, MORE rain…but then you look around…at the amazing trees…amazing green all around that gave this area it’s name…the EMERALD city…green. Green just doesn’t happen. It happens from the perfect environment that includes lots and lots and lots of water. So…you, I, ME, learn to live with it and in it. I knew nothing my first year here. Knew nothing of rain boots and hats and…sometimes, umbrellas. I say that because in a land like this of so much rain…most people don’t use an umbrella at all. They rely on hoodies…and layers…and the right jacket. I haven’t honestly used an umbrella since I moved here. Until today…until I decided it was the right thing to go see my favorite Spring amazing thing…the cherry blossoms at the nearby Univ of Washington…uDub affectionately…and of course I wanted to take pictures of it…the sights…but…in the rain? The downpour? I needed protection not for me…but…for my camera. So…then the umbrella happened. To protect not me…but the precious camera. 🙂

But honestly really you would think umbrella sales here are a given. But actually, no, you stand out as a complete outsider, tourist even, if you pop open that umbrella. I have joined the ranks, since moving here, of going umbrella-less for most days…except today…when I took my usual annual trip to the Univ of Washington to see the amazingly beautiful blooming cherry blossom trees…when usually it’s sunny a bit and sorta at least temperate…but not this year…Spring came early here and there is still rain to be had…so I took my tiny point and shoot for a rainy walk through campus to catch the blooms.

I thought about it while I walked…this former California girl who didn’t know much of rain honestly…now knowing how to dress in layers, enjoying a mild walk in a rainy day to see some amazing beauty…and it reminded me again how glad I am that I came here…took the chance…trusted in life in general that risk was worth it. I gave up A LOT of sun…for A LOT of rain…but…in the end those drops, that risk, brought me to my fiance, the next chapter of my life. So so worth it. So grateful for these steps in my life…rain or not!

3 thoughts on “Umbrella Optional

    1. cherryblossomsmiles Post author

      Thank you Ruchi! You know I honestly have come to love the PNW so much. I embrace the beautiful rain, the amazing nature here, and most of all…it has taught this former California girl how to truly appreciate the sunny days. They are such a gift…I try not to waste a single one if I can help it. But it has also shown me the beauty of seasons and to be grateful for all the weather diversity. Now…I honestly love it. I do not miss constant almost sun…I believe I have been a PNW girl all my life I just didn’t know it till way late! 🙂

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  1. Ruchi

    Good to know that. I hail from India and we have sun all year long. I enjoy the changing seasons here. And try to utilize the most on a sunny day especially if it is a weekend. 🙂

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